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Rent Flats in Dnipropetrovsk

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Dnipropetrovsk Tours

3h Dnepropetrovsk Excursion

Dnepropetrovsk night tour


Explore Dnepropetrovsk with our professional English-speaking guide and learn about the most interesting moments of 300 year history of the city. Walk along Yekaterininsky Avenue, visit Potemkin Palace and Preobrazhensky Cathedral created in traditions of Russian Classicism, and drive along a breathtaking 40 km long Quay built on the wave-built sand. Then to Dnipro river parks, those are considered to be the monuments of landscape gardening of the 18th century, and visiting Monastyrskiy Island - one of the most interesting places in the city. In the IX century, the Byzantine monks based a monastery there. It was destroyed by Mongol-Tatars in the XIII century.

Optional 1h motorboat or yacht voyage after we end our Dnepropetrovsk tour

Zaporozhye & Khortytsa Day Tour

Khortytsa Day Tour with Ukrainetour


This 7-hour Tour is one of the most interesting to take from Dnepropetrovsk. You will have the chance to learn about the development of Prydniprovsky region, to visit the central avenue of Zaporozhye, as well as the legendary Khortitsa Island and the museum of Cossacks history. We stop for a breathtaking view of the huge dam of DniproGES - the famous first Soviet hydro-electric power-station in USSR. Excursion around Zaporozhye and then a ride to the biggest island on the Dnipro river - Khortytsa Island (where we'll have dinner in an old style restaurant) the former place of the famous Zaporozhskaya Sich -the main Cossack host (XVII-XVIII century) and an important center of Ukrainian statehood. And after dinner - optional excursion to Fedorovka area where you'll be impressed by view of tens of burial mounds, called kurhans, scattered throughout the region those considered the most unusual monuments of ancient Ukraine.

Petrykivka Art Tour

Petrykivka-style painters

Petrykivka-style painters

4 hour trip to Petrykivka village (50 km from Dnepropetrovsk). During the trip you will explore the Petrykivka settlement, a place where famous Petrykivka-style painters live. You will visit art studios and showrooms, where you could take a closer look at the Ukrainian painting technique, well-known worldwide.

Poltava Tour

Poltava private tour


This day trip to Poltava (8 hours totally) can be taken from Kharkov or Dnepropetrovsk (the city is almost the same distance from both cities 150-200 km). During the tour you will learn about over than 1100 years history of Poltava. One of the oldest cities of central Ukraine at Vorskla river, the place of a famous battle (1709) when Russian army of Peter the Great beat Swedish army headed by Carl XII.

Kotlyarevsky museum visit

Kotlyarevsky museum

Here at the heart of Ukraine we'll visit the place of the great battle and Poltava Battle Field museum devoted to that event which was the turning point in the European history and predetermined historical development of Ukraine for the next two centuries. We visit a museum of the great Ukrainian writer M. Kotlyarevsky. His country estate remains the same as in early XIX century representing the typical Ukrainian lifestyle of that time.

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